Saturday, June 28, 2014

Disability Act of 1972

I don't know what to do anymore.

My employer has changed to a new healthcare provider. Unlike the previous provider, this insurance plan includes no hearing-aid coverage. It is not the insurance company at fault. They provide coverage. My employer elected not to include hearing health coverage.

So, I have gone from having financial assistance for hearing-aid purchases, to having none.

What does this mean to me?

As far as hearing-aids, I will not be able to replace the ones I have. Nor will I be able to afford repairs.

Personally, it is akin to having my civil rights ripped away. I had a taste of equality for two years. Now it is gone.

It's weird. When I was a teenager, I thought life would improve for those of us with hearing loss, especially with the Disability Act of 1972. But as long as we are systematically denied insurance coverage, we will NEVER be equal.


Friday, April 25, 2014

The Bird

Not much happening. Spring warm-up means... yardwork... yuck! Moss is everywhere. What a pain.

I'm burning thru 2 batteries every 5 days. And I had to replace the pad over the mics. They get dirty or body oil, stops em up. 

I took a few hikes and visited the pier.

Not sure... Thrasher?
Overlooking L.Ontario
Guess who?
Pier activity is warming up

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Spring Forward?

Sunday the 9th we March the clocks forward one hour. Could never understand this bi-annual man-made sleep disorder. Why not compromise and just adjust the clocks 30 minutes, then... leave them there??? Forever!!!

Temperatures predicted to be in the 40's next week, otherwise known as 'the calm before the mud season'. I'm sure we've had over 100 inches of snow this winter, up here by the lake . Not too bad, eh?  

 And by my count, 10 mornings of sub-zero temperatures. Not what I would call 'hearing-aid friendly' weather. Moisture gets inside the hearing-aid and/or air-tubes, then freezes, possibly cracking materials as it expands.

I'll depart with a few pics:

Frozen river alongside old depot

Yacht club

The snowman has left the freezer!

White-winged Scoter. 1st one i've seen.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ready... Omaha... Hut-hut

I really like this commercial by Duracell with  fullback Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks. Nice that it has closed-captions too!

When I was a high school football player I first tried out as a fullback. However, lining up behind the quarterback, I couldn't hear the signals, thus I would be a half-step behind everyone else. The coaches decided it would be easier to hear the quarterback from the guard position on the offensive line. It worked out much better, although I would struggle at times with the play-calling in the huddle.

And guess what batteries I use? Duracell Activair hearing-aid batteries (size 13 ). I go thru 2 batteries every 5 days (one for each aid). 

I'm a Giants fan, and they're sitting out this year's playoff. Think I know who I will be rooting for!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Season of Snow

Gale-force winds crashing over the pier Saturday PM.
Funny, I actually got to clean out the leaves from the rain gutters this morning. One last window of opportunity, eh?

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Asking a bully to toughen someone up is akin to providing an arsonist with a flame-thrower. The NFL will protect its brand, never mind setting a good example for all those youngsters. In the end, it's all about money and image.

For those youngster who endure bullying, Martin did the right thing. He didn't get a gun and shoot-up the town, nor did he suicide. He simply went home and asked for help. Nuff said.

Next up, my zinc-air hearing-aid batteries are dying an early death, with some only lasting a few hours. Power One, made in Germany. Not sure why since they are in the original package with the air-holes sealed over. I will switch to duracel.

A few pics from today. Quite windy here.

From a balcony

Old battered doorways

Black Velvet with lobster tails. All stolen, I imagine.

Yup, its windy!

Corrected: EKAW ON

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Photo Post

Click on photo to enlarge or right click to open in new tab for larger image.
Soccer in the sand.

Long pier in the background.

Volleyball... all ages.

Warming up for soccer.

What is this? They bounce the ball off a small trampoline.

Lean for balance.

Nice colors.

Goooooooal !!!

Blimps required for all events. lol

Rugby in the sand??? Get a mouth-full matey??? Crazy Aussie wannabes!!!

He made it!

Gets wet out thar, dude!

Vball faithfuls.


Weekend matches.

Nice ride!