Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter Carny...

 The snowstorm came just in time for the polar bear plunge. Followed by a nice sunny day, 28F. The plunge is for charity and takes place up at the port. (click photo to enlarge or open in new tab)

When they aren't making Super Bowl commercials...
Hey, its a spectator sport!

Snow dunes
The storm piled up ice chunks on the pier. I couldn't go out any farther, not without breaking an ankle or worse. See previous post for comparison.

In my backyard.



Jim, I think you live in the same
area that my sister in law lives.
It is just off of Hall Rd. I lived
in Michigan til '73. Lived on east
side, then moved to 6mile rd area.
left Detroit in '73. Been in Florida longer than I was in Mi.
I did not have an email address for
you, hope you don't mind. 8ys of
age in '46 lost left eye to non malignat tumor. I wear a full eye
Prothesis. I know what it is like for everyone to stare constantly at
me. Take Care. Joe Galant

jimm said...

Thanks Joe. Many similarities... Great Lakes, cold snowy winters... but wrong state. NY, not MI.